October 19

Small Foot

Small foot is this new kids’ moving that’s coming to theatres near you! There are some of your favorite celebrity guest staring Zendaya as Meeche Channing Tatum as Migo etc.  The subject of the movie is that there are yeti’s cooped up in a mountain range they have never been below the clouds and see a myth the Small Foot.  They have evidence the small foot exist tho and it is a small  destroyed  boot .Also a small roll of toilet paper called the secret scroll .  Migo goes down to prove to his village of yeti that a small foot exist will he succeed of be caught by the SMALL FOOT.

October 19

Indie Game Undertale Comes Out on Nintendo Switch for Two Year Anniversary


The classic indie game, “Undertale” gets a new console added to the collection. The Nintendo switch now has “Undertale” and a new exclusive fight called “Mad Mew Mew.” This fight has brand new music and an entirely new mechanic added into the game. This game is only $30 and has entire hours worth of game play. The trailer is fully animated at the start showing the new character and then making a skeleTON of puns. HA. I don’t know why, I just like making puns, anyway, back to the subject. The switch version came out on 9/18/2018 and ways made by Toby Fox with help from fangamer and 8-4. The trailer for the game says “ALMOST NO NEW CONTENT” and says “SAME AS IT EVER WAS” while showing Mad mew mew sitting in a closet as you talk to it. The trailer also shows a dank MEME which shows mad mew mew running from toriel as toriel is flying and shooting lasers from her eyes while saying my child I shall break your heart and yes this is official. 

October 19

NBA2k19 vs NBA Live 19

I think that NBA2k19 is better than live. 2k is cleaner  faster and everyone has been talking about it ever since 2k18 has start to end . Live is inconsistent and inexperienced. NBA2k19  has feedback and listen to some of their fans. While live the graphics are worst and the modes are old and boring. NBA2k19 lives off of their fans their my career. Nba2k19 started the my career thing and they have made it famous. Whilst NBAAlive19 is a rip off and are just lost and needs lots of improvement.  Nba2k19 they have had their up and downs. All in all, they both have there pros and cons and I think nba2k19 will always be on top.

October 19

Google vs. Apple Phones

Image result for google pixel 2


Google released its second phone called The Pixel 2 is one of the best phones out there. It costs $649 or $27.04/mo which is not that expensive (I mean it is better the the $1000 phone that has the same software has my 2016 IPHONE SE) but for those of you who can’t  afford a fancy phone this is much more affordable for a NORMAL person. The phone has a 12 Mega pixel camera. The phone comes in two sizes regular and XL. The XL has a 6.0 diameter OLED panel . While the regular has 5.0 OLED panel. The phone comes in at about $700-900. Multiple critics gave it good reviews.

October 2

Weirdest “National” Holidays in October – A Rating

Have you ever sat down with a nice, warm bowl of baked beans and put on a nice showing of Cars 2? Do you feel beans have very little representation and are so deserving of a national holiday? Let’s not forget about the wondrous Platypus Day, hosted by our very own Perry the Platypus as shown above! If so, welcome to the Wacky World of Weird National Holidays(TM)! Sit back, relax, and enjoy as we go over a few weird national holidays coming up in October 2018!

1: International Coffee Day, October 1st

Okay, this actually makes a LOT of sense as a holiday! We always take coffee for granted. I mean, I don’t think I know a single person who thanks their Vanilla Double-Shot with Whipped Cream and Sprinkles Grande Pumpkin Spice Latte for waking them up and giving them energy for the day! I give International Coffee Day a 10/10 rating.

2: National Boyfriend Day, October 3rd

Hmm…isn’t this the purpose of Valentines Day? I know it’s more of a celebrating boyfriends individually day, but we basically do this for Valentines. I give International Boyfriend Day a 5/10 for being redundant.

3: World Animal Day, October 4th

Well, at least animal seems all-inclusive. Think of all of the depressed, exotic animals without a holiday! It seems a little weird though, considering most animals actually have their own individual holiday. For example, Llama Day is on December 9th. If LLAMAS can get their own holiday, I can only imagine what other animals have holidays, so it also seems a little redundant. I give World Animal Day a 7/10.

4: National Pasta Day, October 17th

YES! Pasta is so deserving of a holiday! I feel like we need to thank our spaghetti and meatballs for being so tasty! I give National Pasta Day a 100/10.

5: National Cat Day, October 29th

Alright, well, I’ll give this a pass since cats are more world renowned than most animals, but it’s still unoriginal. What’s next, a holiday for individual colors of cats?!? I give National Cat Day a 5/10.

6: National Black Cat Day, October 27th

This had better be a joke. I give National Black Cat Day a 3/10.

This is just a sample of some wacky holidays in October alone! There are some really weird ones out there, but that’s something that’s more enjoyable to read by yourself. I hope you have enjoyed this in-depth look into the Wacky World of Weird National Holidays(TM), and don’t forget to celebrate these with all of your family and friends!

October 2

Battlefield 5 vs Battlefield 1


Battlefield 5 is a new game made by dice and is a game about World War II and it is put into a realistic point of view of World War II and some of these games have really good graphics, unlike other games. When Battlefield 5 comes out I’m expecting for it to be a good game for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and PC. When You buy Battlefield 5 It will have a campaign a new mode called grand operations instead of it being Operations. Battlefield 1 was an older game of the Battlefield series and was about World War I and it was a great game and it still is because the graphics and the sweet Gameplay it has to offer and it has planes and tanks like famous and non famous but it shows some real things like the Gallipoli, Trench Warfare.

The Gameplay battlefield games have smooth to a bad game and if it isn’t bad then I’ll be happy and I won’t be angry so I don’t flip out when Battlefield 1 came out it was the best thing ever the campaign was the best but then the multiplayer was even better than the campaign. Battlefield 1 was like alright it makes a good idea about WWI and it talks about the ottomans and the Aussies and the Brits. In conclusion, Battlefield 5 is coming out and all I want to say is that if the campaign has America ending WWII I Would say that would be 10/10 IGN.

October 2

Everyone Get Ready for the New PlayStation 5!


When the PS5 is coming out is making all the gaming professionals on the edge of their seat. The new news are having PlayStation and Xbox owners worried what PlayStation 5 may bring. There are many rumors that Sony. The release date is pointing towards the year 2020. The price when it comes out could be $499, but considering a $599 chance is a possibility. Sony needs to bring the heat with the games for the PS5. While the original PlayStation wasn’t much to look at, but the PS2, 3 and 4 have all their own unique designs to complement the rest of your entertainment center.


October 2

Samsung Note 9: The Gaming Phone

Image result for samsung note 9

This is a new and improved phone. This phone comes with the new S pen for drawing on a whole other level. 21% longer than the Note 8, so charging the phone is less of a hassle. The new space starts with 128GB but can be expand 512 GB.

It offers smooth gaming experience for fortnight players. Water cooling helps to prevent overheating during phone usage and provides faster downloads and updates. There is also clear color for nighttime shots or really bright shots. And one last thing the base price is 999.99. In conclusion this phone has revolutionized Samsung.

September 28

Officer 148

Officer Matt Cooper is a 34 year-old Covington police officer for Newton County; though, after a shop-lifting incident his life may never be the same. Earlier this month, shop-lifters were seen in action stealing bandannas at a local Walmart. Cooper responded to the scene and was shot.

As much as the news shocked Covington, many residents have showed lots of effort to help him and his family. The most recent thing people have done was joining together at the annual Covington Fuzz Run, a run in Newton County, where locals fundraised money for him.

In addition to all of this, Zaxby’s has put in effort in sharing the Saturday proceeds to Matt’s family. Many people have done simple things as buying CooperStrong T-shirts, doing coin drives in home-town schools, and putting ribbons on mailboxes. The recent Eastside High School football game showed effort by having a short ceremony before the game. The event was covered by Channel 2 Action News on television.

The city will continue to show support as they get more news of Matt Cooper’s recovery.

May 18

How Yearbooks Have Failed Us.

Guess what time it is? It’s yearbook time. Don’t worry, I can hear you cheering in your seat as you read this, but I know deep down inside you are sulking. Your soul is inside being tormented by the fact that you won’t get as many signatures as other children. You are anxious. You fear that you will be embarrassed when you go ask people for a signature and they reject you. Even if it is a slight “I’m a little busy” or “Not now, maybe tomorrow”. You are sweating as you walk up to them, but take a chill-pill and realize this: year books are COMPLETELY irrelevant!

Think about it, does it really matter if Shamar Agabugabiola ,the most popular kid in school, signs it? You need to realize that these books are not to be treated as popularity contests, but instead as books that will remind you of some of your childhood once you are grown up. The dictionary definition of a yearbook is an annual publication giving current information and listing events or aspects of the previous year, especially in a particular field. Do you see anything in this passage about being the most popular? No, you don’t. Because there is not. The next time you are trying to get a signature and you feel nervous, remember this passage and that if you don’t get it, just brush it off as if it were a fly on your shoulder because it really doesn’t matter.

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