May 18

How Yearbooks Have Failed Us.

Guess what time it is? It’s yearbook time. Don’t worry, I can hear you cheering in your seat as you read this, but I know deep down inside you are sulking. Your soul is inside being tormented by the fact that you won’t get as many signatures as other children. You are anxious. You fear that you will be embarrassed when you go ask people for a signature and they reject you. Even if it is a slight “I’m a little busy” or “Not now, maybe tomorrow”. You are sweating as you walk up to them, but take a chill-pill and realize this: year books are COMPLETELY irrelevant!

Think about it, does it really matter if Shamar Agabugabiola ,the most popular kid in school, signs it? You need to realize that these books are not to be treated as popularity contests, but instead as books that will remind you of some of your childhood once you are grown up. The dictionary definition of a yearbook is an annual publication giving current information and listing events or aspects of the previous year, especially in a particular field. Do you see anything in this passage about being the most popular? No, you don’t. Because there is not. The next time you are trying to get a signature and you feel nervous, remember this passage and that if you don’t get it, just brush it off as if it were a fly on your shoulder because it really doesn’t matter.

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May 18

Goku Day + Some History

Goku Day is OFFICIAL! YES!!! I can’t wait till May 9th. In Japan, May 9th is officially Goku Day. The celebration of the main protagonist of the anime Dragon Ball. Goku is one of the main characters in Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball movies, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Z movies, Dragon Ball Super, and never mind… those who know the last series know why I didn’t mention it. Those who do not know shouldn’t care. I could start a whole article about why I hate the extremely bad series that I am intentionally NOT going to mention so I can leave you on a nerve racking cliffhanger. You’re Welcome. Dragon Ball/Z are very good, better than good, the best animes ever. It is rated 4th best on Google.

  1. Okay, back to Goku Day. “Goku’s voice actress Masako Nozawa attended a stage event after a screening of the recently released Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ film in Shinjuku on Saturday to commemorate the new day. Sunday is Mother’s Day in Japan, and so a staff member dressed as Goku surprised Nozawa at the stage event with a bouquet of 59 carnations, and presented them to Nozawa as the ‘Mother of Dragon Ball.’

“Nozawa responded by saying, ‘That’s sneaky of you. I’m gonna cry!’

She added that to her, “Goku does seem like her own child,” states Crystalyn Hodgkins.

Okay, the nerve-racking cliffhanger is affecting me too, so I have to tell you knowledge-less few about that horrible anime…

Dragon Ball GT. Yep, you knew it was coming, unless you didn’t. Yeah, we all hate it. I can give you three reasons why it is horrible, just horrible.

  1. It is not even made by Akira Toriyama (the maker of Dragon Ball/Z).
  2. The story is just all over the place.
  3. It isn’t even canon. (It is not apart of the original story or made by the original author.)

Dragon Ball Super. The anime that just finished on its 131 episode (I think the whole fan base was crying). However, it finished with pure awesomeness. At the end, it straight out told you that they were not finished. There is going to be another series. Although it might come out after the 2018 DRAGON BALL Z MOVIE!!! (YES, PEOPLE OF THE DRAGON BALL FAN BASE, THE TRAILER FOR THE 2018 DRAGON BALL MOVIE HAS BEEN RELEASED!!! OK, back to DBS,) it had a rough start and I mean ROUGH (like the snow blizzard we totally had in Georgia a couple months ago, right?). The seasons 1 and 2 were trash, absolute TRASH (Now I sound like Gordon Ramsey). The animation was horrible, like it was drawn like a two year old. All because it was made by Toei Animation. Even Akira Toriyama got mad at Toei. Eventually, they fixed it and now it is one of the best series ever. Goku is now way to overpowered. He can one-shot anybody, dodge all attacks (Ultra Instinct), beat Thanos, and easily win a game of Fortnite.

However, it tore me apart that out of all the anime/meme/video game references in the movie Ready Player One, there was not one single reference of Dragon Ball Z. Cry. Cry.


May 18

Dissection Operation: Kirby

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Ok, first off if what you’re thinking is that this video is going to talk about literally dissecting Kirby than 1) you’re the cruelest person on the planet, and 2) no. This video is going to definitively tell you what a Kirby truly is. So, no, sadly this will not involve daring surgeons desperately trying to figure out what Kirby is while trying not to kill him, making mistakes on the way and going all dramatic like a generic plot of a movie: Introduction, then Oh No! Conflict!!!!, and then of course the resolution where everyone is happy, Kirby isn’t dead, and everyone has improved in their personalities.  No, sadly this is not what you tuned in to see today.

Today, you’re (hopefully) reading an article a middle schooler (like I have said on countless occasions before) shows that he is smarter than some high schoolers by explaining the science of, of all things, video games.  The thing that people act like is the cancer of modern entertainment, despite the fact that you can get as much if not more money than PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES. See? Video games truly are a modern sport (that don’t get extremely repetitive because there are different heroes, maps, modes, etc. other than just different people). Anyways, enough with that rant on how video games should be classified as a sport. Back to Kirby.

Kirby is a mystery to many people. No one across the vastness of the interwebses has any idea of what Kirby might be (other than just some random alien with the power of DEUS EX MACHINA on his side). But today, people that are reading this (and have also watched Game Theory’s episode on this topic as well but I mean … I need to stay on topic here.) I will prove to you that Kirby is, in fact, a giant, sentient form of the common day protist known as an amoeba. First off, we can know that there can still be remnants of some small little microscopic life forms on Earth (such as an amoeba) because we see it in the form of Shiver Star in Kirby 64, a frozen over apocalyptic Earth but still Earth nonetheless. So, I shall prove to you the POWER OF GOOGLE RESEARCH why Kirby is an amoeba.

First is Kirby’s ability to float and fly. We can relate this too an amoeba because if he had any bones, it would be very unlikely for him to fly with just some air. He also floats on the water like this but sinks when he doesn’t have any air in him. This means most likely that there is probably just a lot of fluid in him. We can also tell by the deformations of his body when he hits the ground. It’s just like a water balloon. An amoeba is filled with a lot of little organs (organelles) along with cytoplasm, a jelly-like substance. This would allow the deformations of his body to occur like we see in the game.

Another thing we see that is weird is when in Kirby Return to Dream Land when he swims and runs, his little… hand? Arm? Things? Lets just call them nubblies. When Kirby runs, his little nubblies just shift up and down his body, and in his swimming formation, his nubblies form on top of his face and then go down his side. This is just an amoeba’s ability to create pseudo pods. Greek for false foot. What happens is a lot of cytoplasm forms up on one part of the cell, pushes out from the cell, and then there you have it! New appendage formed from nothing else than just some fluid.

Another thing we see is that when Kirby latches on to things, they just sort of stick to his nubblies. Never once do we see him sprout fingers to actually grab them. However, he is making a conscious decision to stick to those things, otherwise anything he bumped, ran, or smashed into would stick to him. That would make for an extremely different game. By the end of it Kirby would just be a giant ball of dead enemies and giant pieces of rock or whatever. This is the ability of amoebas having semi-permeable membranes. This means that some things can pass through the cell membrane and some other things just can’t.

One more thing is that in the new games, Kirby got himself a guard ability. This allows him to take a defensive stance, and he somehow with the POWER OF SCIENCE is able to take like 1 damage every hit. Amoeba’s also have themselves a sort of guard ability. What happens is on the edges of the cell membrane under bad circumstances, amoebas can form cysts, which is basically a super hard wall. Now, now that I have given you so many examples, it is proven that Kirby is DEFINITELY an amoeba.

Wait? What? Oh yeah, that thing. Kirby’s most known most widespread ability: his copy ability. Sorry, almost forgot. So basically what happens is Kirby sucks in a living enemy, and then swallows him whole and takes the abilities of that enemy that will help him survive. This is just an amoeba’s ability to do endo-symbiosis. Endo-symbiosis means a “close interaction between two things that is formed on the inside”.  In other words, amoebas ingest a living organism, and, with writing and re-writing of genetic code, takes the attributes of the other organism that will help him survive, which is exactly what Kirby does. He doesn’t just swallow a Waddle Doo and gain its antenna thingies, it gets the beam ability. Something that will help Kirby to survive. Now that I TRULY have definitely, DEFINITIVELY answered the question of what the heck is.  Kirby people have been asking for generations, you’re going to go and maybe tell one person this and then forget about the whole thing after clicking of of this page. (How generous of thee.)

May 18



Learn about ninja’s learn what ninja are really about. They’re not just people who jump out of ceilings in all black and then slice up everyone and everything. The actual correct term for ninja is called shin-obi. They were actually used in japan for guerrilla warfare as assassins and mercenaries. Read books like How to be a NinjaHow to Train like a Shin-obi, etc.

2.Learn to Move like a Ninja:

To learn how to move like a ninja you must know how to travel by silently. Tabi boots are perfect for this. They create the illusion of social and physical invisibility. Also don’t wear big fancy armor; use light weight clothing. To help you move faster on missions.

3.Learn To Use Tai-Justu:

Tai-Justu is Japanese combat used for fighting. Use Must learn it and be good at it because it crucial, maybe you wont become a Tai-Justu master like Rock Lee. However, you can try to come close to his level (you won’t come close). Tai-Justu also includes the art of weaponry, only some weaponry though. Nun-chucks, kunai, and kusarigamas are fine examples of this.

4.Learn Justus:

Justus are releases of chakra through moves. These chakra based moves are released through animal based hand seals. Such as bird, boar, dog, dragon, hare, horse, monkey, ox, ram, rat, tiger, and serpent. The seals (no not the animals) are released using chakra or the basic 5 elements to create attacks called justus. You can make your own, use ones that are passed down through clans, or you ones that were made by other people.

Most importantly go out there and learn so you can become Hokage just like Naruto. ” BELIEVE IT “.  


May 18

Brace for Impact!!!

Fortnite season 4 is out. For those of you who don’t know what Fortnite is a sandbox/shooter game (well at least the save the world mode), but the battle royale mode is more popular with over a million downloads. Battle Royale is a fun game but expensive not just for the in game purchases that give you NO advantage but for how many times you’ll throw your controller against the wall or smash your headphones on the ground. However, the game is fun to watch and play.

Fortnite is divided into seasons, a two month period of certain skins and challenges you can complete to get more skins, but even though these skins are useless they are kind of achievements or a warning when you see a John Wick (a high level player you should avoid). The battle pass is a ranking system that gives you achievements the higher you get the cooler the rewards. (Even though it is mostly skins and emotes, which are useless but also you get V-bucks the currency in this game.) The battle pass consists of superheros, militia, villains,and spray paint artist. New season also has re-releases of modes that were popular, such as sniper shootout, high explosives, and 50 v 50.

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May 18

Wynchester Mansion

The Wynchester Mansion is a very impressive structure. It also has a very eerie past. The house’s creator, Sarah Pardee, married William Wirt Wynchester. His father owned the multi-million company that made the Henry Repeater. The Henry Repeater was a gun used by the Union in the civil war.

The gun made them incredibly rich, but nothing could keep the tragedy of death at bay. In 1866 Sarah gave birth to a daughter who only lived for a few days. 15 years later William was killed by tuberculosis. Sarah never got over the death of her husband and daughter.

She went to a medium (a person who claims to communicate with the spirit world). The medium told her she was being haunted by the ghosts of people her husband’s gun killed. The medium gave her the advice that she should move west and build a house that all ghosts can go to. Sarah followed this advice and did exactly what she was told.

In 1884 she moved west to California. There she bought an 8-room house and expanded it. She added rooms with no purpose, hallways that doubled back on themselves, and stairs that lead to the ceiling. She also built dozens of chimneys so the ghosts could leave or come as they please.

For 30 more years the mansion was under construction constantly. Sarah lived in the house as a recluse until the day of her death in 1922. By that time her house had at least 160 rooms and even more hallways and staircases. This house is definitely a major wonder.

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May 18

NCTS Band Spring Concert

The NCTS band is rockin’ and rollin’ almost ready for their spring concert with loads of fun songs.   the performers include the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade band. some of their songs include: The tempest, I Believe I can fly, Highlights From The Wizard of Oz, John Williams Movie Adventures, Spongebob Squarepants Theme Song, and Don’t Stop Believing. Some have the most favored composers: John Williams and Robert W. Smith.

On March 21 the bands will play with a variety of instruments.

The band director, Mrs. Marie Savage Webb, has been working hard to get the band ready and excited for the upcoming event; after all, she is the best band director in the world.

May 11

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

2018 is bringing several  incredible movies such as Incredibles II, Solo, Ant-man and Wasp, Venom,  Ready Player One ,and Jurassic World : Fallen Kingdom along with many others. Fallen Kingdom is a sequel  to the sequel movie Jurassic World,  which is based off of the classic Jurassic Park.

Cast and Crew:

The cast includes Chris Pratt as Owen, Bryce Dallas Howard as Claire, and B.D. Wong as Dr. Henry Wu from the first Jurassic World movie. From the original Jurassic Park movies Jeff Goldblum is coming back. There will also be new faces introduced to the franchise. The movie will be directed by J.A. Bayona.


From the first trailer released, it seems that the island in which Jurassic World was made on is going to blow up and characters such as Owen and Claire along with some new character are going back to save the dinosaurs. In trailer two however, more details seem to be revealed, such as the dino that they are mostly going back for is the raptor named Blue. It also reveals that military operations along with Dr. Henry Wu, are trying to still use dinosaurs for weapons like in the first Jurassic World movie. It seems like they are once again going for Blue, so there could be some troubles between characters.

So basically, we know that it is part two to Jurassic World, and an island of dinosaurs is blowing up… but there are several unanswered questions that we hope this exciting flick will answer. Can’t wait until June 22nd 2018!


May 4

The Deadly Assassin Named Anxiety


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As testing season rolls around, many students are slapped with reality of END OF GRADE TESTS! Students in third grade and higher have to take standardized tests at the end of the year. These tests cause A LOT OF ANXIETY! Research proves that students with low levels of anxiety scored higher than students with high levels of anxiety. I want you to do your best on the test, so I’m going to give you a few tips and tricks on how to get rid of anxiety!

Deep Breaths

You’ve probably heard about this tip a million times, but it does actually help. According to Harvard Health Publishing,”Breath focus helps you concentrate on slow, deep breathing and aids you in disengaging from distracting thoughts and sensations.” Focusing on taking deep breaths helps you to focus on your breathing instead of other stressful thoughts. Taking deep breaths helps your lungs take in more oxygen which improves brain circulation.


I would recommend meditating the night before you take the test. You can use meditation to discover the cause of your anxiety. Meditation usually involves deep breaths which helps you to focus on topics other than the future (which causes stress). If you choose to meditate during the day, I would recommend meditating outside. Being surrounded by nature has proven to be calming which can help take your mind off of your worries.


Everyone needs time to themselves. Practicing self-care is a perfect opportunity! You could have a spa day, clean up your room, or even read a book in a quiet room. There are several other self-care activities that don’t involve spa days. Practicing self-care can help you relax and calm your mind down. Being relaxed will help you realize how worrying does not help you at all. Yoga is another form of self care. Deeply stretching out your body will help relieve muscle tension and stress.’

Treat Your Mind

The best way to “treat your mind” is to write down everything you are anxious about. A lot of times the things that cause us anxiety don’t seem so scary once you write it down. As you write down what is causing your anxiety, think of the reasons why it shouldn’t cause anxiety. For example, if I was anxious about the EOG tests, I would tell myself that it’s just a test and after I take it, I’ll feel better.

Hang Out With Your Friends

Sometimes you need to be reminded of all the good things in life. Hanging out with your friends is one of the best ways to get rid of your anxiety. You can have a great time and forget all of your worries.

I hope these anxiety busters help you. I wish you luck on your quest to passing the EOG. You can defeat this deadly assassin!


May 4

Underground advise column,” Literally”

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Warning!!! do not take literally!!!!!!


Dear Jesse,


I’m buried alive. What do I do?


Struggling to Breathe


Dear Struggling to Breathe,

I hear that you are buried alive. I am so sorry. Here’s what to. First, STOP BREATHING SO HEAVILY! Breathing heavily will shorten your time to live. Instead, breath slowly and calmly. This will prolong your worthless life, because you only have a little bit of oxygen. Second, most coffins are cheaply made because average people like you, Struggling to breathe, don’t get expensive coffins. Sadly inexpensive coffins are still solid chunks of wood, so forget what Sensei Wu told you! You can’t break the coffin with your bare hands!

Instead, use the screwdriver your friend Joe left in your coffin as tribute. Use it to drill different holes in a circle so it is easier to break. You still should not punch it, try to kick it instead. Next take a cloth and block your mouth because the dust will start pouring in. Cool, your done with that, now sit up. It will be easier to get out this way. Great job! You broke the coffin and sat up. Don’t celebrate just yet. You still have to get out of the ground. The soil should still be loose from the digging. Alright, here is what you do. try to wriggle your self up like a worm. There is probably about 5-6 feet of soil above you, so if you are about that tall this should be substantially easier for you. Now you can celebrate, you are finally out.