Its finally finished!!! pt.1( Bendy and The Ink Machine)


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Bendy and the Ink Machine “Chapter 5”  was just released and instead

of writing about that (because somebody took it) I will talk about the whole game and summarize the story:



Chapter 1 Moving Pictures

You get a letter from you old friend/coworker to see what he has made. Your name is Henry Stein the person who sent you the letter is named Joey Drew. Instantly you get this creepy, but cartoony feel. There is nobody there, but there are little films playing and you eventually find the ink machine

You go into another room, and you have to find a special items. You have to put them on the podiums to activate the ink machine. You walk back to enter the room, and you see that its boarded up and full of ink. Then  THE INK DEMON jumps out and  gives you the biggest jumpscare. You run to the exit and just before you reach the door the floor collapses…

Chapter 2 The Old Song

You wake up from that 100 foot drop somehow. You see pentagrams on the floor and coffins leaning on walls. Now you try to find a way out of the hole you fell into. You pick up an ax and chop the wood blocking the door and walk down the steps. In this chapter your first enemies are introduced: the searchers. The searchers are the inky monster that come out of ink puddles. When you walk down one of the hallways, you see this inky figure that’s not bendy because bendy doesn’t wear overalls and is not a searcher because searchers don’t have clothes,but someone else. When you walk down a hallway, you get hit over the head and get knocked out. When you awaken, this person covered in ink stands before  you. He has a bendy mask and wears overalls. (It was the figure you saw before.) His name is Sammy Lawrence and remember the pentagrams? That was him too.

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He is trying to sacrifice you to Bendy THE INK DEMON.  He chants this text to attract the demon. When the door opens up, instead of the demon charging at you, the passageway is empty. You here Sammy’s voice over the intercom being attacked by Bendy. The latches open, and you grab the nearest weapons. Then you fight off the Searchers. After the battle you run until you reach an spit in the passage and then right in front of you Bendy comes out ( makes you jump out of your chair) and then you RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! You turn one corner and Boris meets you there. The screen fades and the chapter ends… or does it?

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Overwatch Ashe release


Overwatch has stepped up their game by releasing their new hero Ashe into the game with an unusual weapon to  the community a mix of guns really a shot gun mixed with a marksmen rifle  she is also the girl version of mccree  the cow boy with a six shooter and she has in ace in the whole with B.O.B her robot butler who for some reason conveniently  has arm cannons and is her ultimate  . her ability are coach cannon and dynamite coach gun is able to blast enemy away from you or blast you in the air with its recoil and dynamite its well dynamite the only this  dynamite is your able to shoot it and it will cove a wide range and cause a little bit of smoke also doing more damage but if you leave it to burn out it wont have much of an effect her scope and ads time will be a sure win mabye not her fire rate tho that will take some practice .

The voicemail conspiracy theory

A conspiracy theory that you probably heard of or maybe not. The voicemail conspiracy theory is the biggest conspiracy theory that was pieced together piece by piece. One night a twitter account called Straydaway got a voicemail saying “I really need yall to listen to this voicemail I just got… I am deactivating my cell phone service” then he screen recor


ded it. The voicemail said “Sierra, Delta, Alpha, November, Golf, Echo, Romeo, Sierra, Oscar, Sierra.” The words used were military alphabet which is a code that says “S Danger SOS.” People also started to piece it together as he started getting messages in different languages or in morse code.

Straydaway also ad


ded later on that he was home from dropping his cousin off and was sitting in the car until he saw someone taking photos of his house. People started to piece things together figuring out what things said from the messages. Someone also had a note from one of the messages with it saying “S SOS IT IS DIRE FOR YOU TO EVACUATE BE CAUTIOUS THEY ARE NOT HUMAN. 042933964230  SOS DANGER SOS.” Back to Ty, he translated a message that said, “End the post you just shared about the recording on your phone.” People also started translating the Morse code and they think it says “THEY ARE TAKING OVER 41818 (April 18th, 2018)”

A girl on twitter nam


ed Erin Mahony twitted this “Kinda close to the last place Malaysia flight 370 was last primary radar contact.” somebody replied to that post by twitting “What if you’re hearing the black box recording of the flight?” Another Twitter account named Uzamaki said, “And a black box records the last interaction with a plane, THATS WHY ITS A SOS AND SAVE OUR SHIP IT WAS TRYING TO WARN US. Also just to add to my theory because a black box records and audio it also records flight information, which is why it gives coordinates.” A


nd another account replied to Uzamaki with “If these black box recordings match the voicemail. Are you saying the Malaysia flight 370 encountered something nonhuman?”

Then Uzamaki replied again with “The message was saying to evacuate because “they are not human” someone/something on that plane was not human. The pilot and the air control conversation was released and it sounded like a normal conversation and ended with this “Goodnight Malaysia 370.” In the beginning, the pilot was talking fast and not stum


bling on his words. In the middle of the conversation near the end, he starts to stumble a bit. He keeps stumbling adding ums and errs. Right before he says “Goodnight Mayalsia.” You hear the sound of another voice it’s really quick.

A theory is that the plane was taken over by someone or something and when it entered the cockpit that’s why the pilot started to stumble.then the coc


kpit might’ve been open again by the entity and scared the flight attended then the pilot was forced to end the call say goodnight and go off the radar then everything started going downhill fust Ty’s account was removed then people started noticing that Ty’s photo was stolen from another account called HOOC1DE  Then Erin the girl who figured out the Mayalsia coordinates tweeted this “Can we all just agree that this isn’t true…..I regret ever saying this. It was literally the most farfetched conspiracy theory and I don’t believe it. Never thought it would be hyped up this much, can everyone relax now?” and then a tweet from HOMOC1DE said it was him who got the voice


mail and it is real but it has gone to far. I’m so confused. Who is TY? who is HOMOC1DE? Why did Erin say out of nowhere nevermind this isn’t real? If this is all just a big elaborate hoax. Who started it? It’s crazy to think about somebody taking a social media person and throwing them into a conspiracy theory without them even knowing what was going on. But you know what it wouldn’t be the first.


So Naruto is about this kid oh yeah before I start this I’ll tell you that this story is really long so yeah. This story is about this little kid named Naruto and he was the nine tails fox and the fox was sealed and put into Naruto and he was a prankster and he got in trouble by the Hidden leaf people and he went to school so he could learn Justus and then there were teams and they were put together and           then they were  taking a test to become a Genin (Higher rank) and he then becomes not a genin but the same rank for years and he goes to the finale test and him and his team got the earth and air scrolls so him and his team could beat the test and then while that happened he started growing up and then these battles happened and my favorite battle was Rock Lee vs. Gaara and that was my favorite battle to me in general and it was because how fast Lee was going and this is why Naruto is a good anime to me and to others. These are the reasons that this anime is so good but i forgot some of the story line of the Anime but this is still good in my opinion.

How Roblox and Minecraft Became Memes

In the good old days, there was only one problem:  where were the memes? Nowadays Roblox and Minecraft are the biggest memes.

One thing i can say is that most of all, memes are created by  little  four and five year olds playing Minecraft and thinking its cool.

Another thing is cringey Minecraft and Roblox videos and sfm’s ( A SFM is a  CGI like program.) If you look at this video below you can see one of these fatal videos.

<iframe width=”500″ height=”300″ src=”″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

If I am honest, i will admit that I play Minecraft some times for nostalgia, but i will never play Roblox ever again.

Another thing that is bad is all of the Fortnite/Minecraft/Roblox videos.

Overall, the memes now are crisp and they are probably the best thing to be made, but it is almost a dead meme.  I honestly think that Minecraft and Roblox are good games,  it is just the community of five year olds making songs about it.



MLS Atlants United VS Portland

On December 8th, 2018 at 8:00p pm was the biggest game yet: Portland VS Atlanta United. The MLS (Major League Soccer) championship is a season that started March 3rd and ended December 8th. MLS decides who is the major league soccer champion. During this season, a bunch of good teams plays, one of the teams being Atlanta United.

Atlanta United played 34 games. 21 of those games were wins, six were draws, and seven were losses. The last game of the season can be really big and make a huge impact on soccer history. Portland has also played 34 games. 15 of those games were wins, nine of the games were draws, and ten were losses. The game was the biggest event of all time as Portland and Atlanta went head to head. In the end, Atlanta United won the MLS championship and became known as the Major League Champion. This also means that Atlanta could be on their way to winning next years MLS. Next year they will start off their season in February playing against Herediano on the 2oth of February and on the 27th.

The Pros and Cons of Multiple Instagram Accouts

Before you say it, yes. I am insane. I just love playing every part of the story, okay?

I currently run four Instagram accounts.

Don’t judge me.

I love owning so many accounts. Why? Simple: PERSONAS. A persona is a personality you adopt for a story or something. I love being myself, but I love being other people more. Okay, that’s a lie; I don’t really like myself and I love being able to choose what I am. I guess it’s roleplay, but I’m 99% sure there needs to be multiple people for that. I don’t know. It doesn’t matter.

Where were we? Drama, right. Like I said, I love to create drama as long as I control everything. For example, on my hotlizard19 account, I get to play the role of my character Sarabeth, a sarcastic and terribly insane reptilian alien who plans on kidnapping her siblings for her own personal gain. On my Goofball account, I get to play the role of a girl named Bailee Flora obsessed with a cartoon ghost to a point where they would date them, frequently calling Goofball their “king”.

I love every second of it.

You know what I love best? Drama.

Drama sucks, I won’t lie. The thing that makes it so appetizing is control. If you can’t control the drama, it can get way too heated and might go in a really bad direction. That being said, I can control exactly where the drama goes. Heck, Sarabeth and Bailee are in an argument because Sarabeth thinks Bailee is too obsessed with Goofball, a fact that becomes blatantly obvious by just looking at a few of the posts on the account. Even Snowball and my own personal account have gotten involved, watching the drama unfold as we make casual remarks to random statements.

I guess I should probably get into the pros and cons, huh?

One pro would be that it’s a time-killer. Are you bored at home on a rainy Saturday? Have Sarabeth make fun of Bailee for an hour or so. Ask Snowball to try and talk to Sarabeth about not being so hateful. Have Sarabeth explode on everyone in a group chat with all of your accounts in it.

Another pro is that you control everything. With real people, they’re unpredictable. Whatever you imagine them saying could be different to what they actually say. They might underreact or overreact to the issue. When you are the drama, everything goes your way. It’s like writing a story, but actually taking action.

With this, I would like to point out a few cons. First off, EVERY account you own in a group chat get a notification when Sarabeth does explode in the group chat. It’s kind of tedious. Another con would be that switching accounts isn’t too annoying, but the problem shows itself when you try to post something about loving Goofball on your story and the 50 followers on your Sarabeth account get confused. I’ve gotten better about posting the wrong thing to the wrong account, but it’s still a pain.

Something tells me that all this article is going to do for people is prove that I’m insane. Well, more insane.

I lost my mind forever ago.

-Sara/Sarabeth/Bailee/Snowball <3

Fortnite Season 7

Image result for ninja images fortniteWelcome back to my blog.  If you just got on your Xbox or PlayStation(Xbox is better) and your Fortnite game is updating.  Please stick around for info of why your gaming system is updating Fortnite. Go to YouTube and search up Fortnite channel. Then the official Fortnite channel will pop up.  Then click on the video that says Fortnite Season 7 Trailer.  Then you need to watch the video to see what you are going to expect this season of Fortnite.  Every skin you want to get and buy you can see in the video. “Ding.” Oh your Fortnite game has finished updating, now you can play the Fortnite game.  Now you can skip the game trailer because you already saw it in the trailer video. Now you can see how much V-Bucks you can spend them to buy the Battle Pass. Now you can add 68 tiers to get the Ice King.  Now that you are rocking your new tier 100 skin, you can get in a solo game and get that Victory Royale. Maybe you’ll be able to watch Ninjas live stream, and see if you can kill him or get killed by him. Now if you kill him while watching his stream then it’s called stream sniping. Ninja will never know you’re watching live stream, and you just stream sniped him unless you say so! That will get you banned from Fortnite permanently. So, now you can play with your friends and play some squads. Hopefully my team will see you in the Fortnite realm.

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Fallout 76

Fallout is about a Vault. Let me start this will contain major bad explaining to a video game. Thisthe overseer and you have been here since 1776 and that’s where 76 comes in and the thing is that this game is different it’s. Multiplayer. I say this because  the last game was a adventure type. You go on an adventure with people and this isn’t game doesn’t have Np c’s and the thing is that the person who made the game said it himself there will be robots but no people there will only be real people instead so that the game will be better instead like the other games in the fallout series that had you on an adventure and just NPCs in stead of people like online people and the thing is that the regular people can go on adventures/quest to get money guess what the currency is the answer is Dunn Dunn dun dun dun duuuuuuuuunnnnnn: Bottle caps! Yep bottle caps money is now useless its called Pre-War Money *face-palms* forgot fallout is also about a nuclear war that happens so yeah this all I know and thank you for reading and have a great day of night or afternoon don’t forget this i my best way of explaining this timeline.

In 27 Days book

In 27 Days is a book about a girl named Hadley Jamison who has just figured out a boy named Archer Morales who she didn’t know very well has just committed suicide. She went to the funeral to pay her respects to his family as she met her mother Regina and his little sister Rosie who has no idea what was going on. After she leaves she just felt like she wanted to cry.

She then later runs into DEATH. Death offers her to go back in time and stop Archer Morales from committing suicide. The catch is she only has 27 days to stop him. She woke up one night to a terrible pain, which was the days that were tattooed on her arm changing to 26. Everyday she was left alone at her apartment that is in New York City. She goes to school to see Archer alive and well, which scared her as she thought she was dreaming. Time went on and they became closer. She got a job at Archers family coffeehouse where she met his mother again along with Rosie and his grandmother Victoria. What will happen to Hadley Jamison and Archer Morals



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